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Electric Chain Hoist PDH Type

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Product description: 
PDH frequency conversion single speed control loop chain electric hoist, the structure of the new type of high strength aluminum alloy body, beautiful appearance, compact body, small size, light weight. Two - stage gear transmission is adopted, and the high - speed level is the helical gear drive, so the transmission is stable and the noise is small. The whole aluminum body makes the bottle gourd light, and the shape is more beautiful and greatly improves the corrosion resistance and the heat radiation effect of the gourd. 
Detailed introduction: 
PDH ring chain electric hoist product features: 1, the use of double brake system, mechanical brake and electromagnetic brake. The mechanical brake with brake system is one of the three firms in the world specializing in the production of automobile brakes leibeisituo the United states. Domestic leading security technology. 2, with built-in limit device. When the weight of the lifting object is larger than the rated load, the electric hoist can no longer work, and can avoid the adverse consequences caused by overloading; 3, the machine is provided with an upper and a lower position device. When the hook up or down to the limit, the opportunity to automatically cut off the power supply, immediately stop action hook. 4, motor overheating protection function, when the motor temperature rise caused by frequent use is high, the device will automatically cut off the motor to protect the motor will not burn. 5, electrical appliances for the import of SIEMENS electrical appliances. The handle switch is fixed with 5 key settings, in addition to the direction of the button, a stop button, an open button, a close button. When the operator is in critical condition, the power supply can be turned off immediately. 6, the lifting hook is provided with locking device, which can prevent the lock slip. 7, the chain using imported Japanese FEC chain, safety is more secure. 8, can be loaded with a selective built-in inverter, do not need to add outside the traditional electric hoist, to enhance the speed of the control. 9, the body adopts Aluminum Alloy precision vacuum die casting material, surface spray. Light weight, good heat radiation, beautiful appearance. 10, no noise. National standard is 80 dB for the noise, and the operation of the electric hoist is only 40 db.